Photography As A Hobby

Digital Camera LensHere is another article from guest writer, Carol Bremner who has a great site at Creative Home Computing. She shares how digital photography can be integrated with your life…and your home computer. Check out her site when you get a chance. 

Are you one of the many thousands of people who enjoy photography as a hobby? Thanks to digital cameras, children and adults alike can easily take attractive photos. And if the picture doesn’t meet your standards, delete it and try again. No more wasting film and spending money on images that you would never want to show anyone. Or worse yet, finding out that there are no photos. Many times in the past I looked forward to picking up my newly developed pictures, only to find that my thumb was in the way or the lighting was no good and I had no lasting memories after all. 

Even an inexpensive digital camera will take photos that are fine for most people. I have one that I let my five-year-old grandson use when we go out for a walk. He loves to take close-ups of the flowers, a bug, or even an unusual sign. A bonus for me is that I get to slow down and see the world, many parts of which I’ve never really noticed. When was the last time you had a close look at an orange that’s been flattened by a passing car? 

After our walk, I delete any of the pictures that aren’t any good, then save the rest to my computer. From there, they can be printed off, added to a digital photo frame, or posted on Facebook or one of the photo sharing sites for the rest of the family to admire. 

My daughter Bridget has been taking pictures for quite some time. As her interest in the medium grew, so did the size of her digital cameras. Now they’re bigger, more expensive, have various accessories and allow her to take professional-looking pictures. And since the Internet is the perfect place to share that love of photography, she’s started a blog at It’s filled with her experiences taking photos of everything from children, to weddings, to travel and landscapes. Bridget experiments with lighting, poses, slideshows and close-ups, freely giving her advice and experiences. 

Years ago, I encountered my first digital camera professional. He was self –taught and specialised in landscapes. His photos were breath-taking and many were sold as large framed art that could pass as a painting. Many times I felt as though I were actually in the scene that was before me. 

Today’s digital photography can evoke the same powerful emotions as can beautiful music, words, or paintings. You may not think of yourself as an artist, but prepare to be surprised. Let technology release the potential in you. 

Carol Bremner 2010 

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Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable. 

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