In The News: Cybercriminals Are Getting Better At Their Craft

Globe and Green Ones and ZerosWARNING: The following article may be hazardous to your mood, attitude, and state of mind as pertains to using the Internet. A new report from Commtouch on the effectiveness of cybercriminals was posted in an article on  Cybercriminals increase effectiveness with multi-stage attacks. The use of blended attacks such as using email messages to induce you to visit sites which will inject your computer with various malware; is not exactly breaking news in this article. But the latest cybercriminal activity statistics in the article are quite interesting…and not a pretty picture. For example, the category of Websites with the highest incidence of malware…which will infect your computer…is pornography. Be careful out there! We’re averaging 179 Billion spam messages per day…yes, that was billions. Oh, and there is an average daily release of 307,000 zombies to wreak havoc on computers all over the world. There are more statistical facts in the article…if you can stand anymore “news”.

I’m going to lie down for a minute.  Have a nice day. 😉

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4 responses to “In The News: Cybercriminals Are Getting Better At Their Craft

  1. Mister Reiner

    Cybercriminals have been good at their craft for a long time – it’s just that many people didn’t realize it because there wasn’t as much news coverage as there is today – and even today’s coverage is somewhat sparse. Hacking has become about as newsworthy as car theft. Unless a story can be sensationalized, nobody cares about reporting it in the news.

    • Mister Reiner,
      Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure what you mean by “a long time”, but there hasn’t been the level of criminal activity we see today until the last few years. I wrote a guest article on Bill Mullin’s site that talks about global cybercrime: Global Cyber Crime: The Playing Field, The Players -The Perfect Storm . It depicts the entrance of the Russian Mafia and others as change agents in the amount and level of sophistication of cybercrime. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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