Changing to A New Computer – Erasing Files

Ones and Zeros Extending into DistanceIn a previous article, Changing to A New Computer, I covered “cleaning” the sensitive files from your computer before disposing it:Okay, one last step to do…I’ve got to do a thorough wiping of data from the old machine before I dispose of it. If that seems odd and unnecessary to you, consider that I have tax returns, correspondence, credit card information and other personal data that could be used by someone to steal my identity (another topic all together). To do this I’m going to use a good disk wiping software package to overwrite everything on the hard drive. Note that I’m not relying on having deleted these files to protect me because deleted files can be recovered very easily. I’m actually writing over the entire disk space with ones and zeros. 

US-CERT has written a new tip on this subject Effectively Erasing Files which contains some excellent information on this subject. Take a look at it to help protect your personal and private information when you are planning to dispose of a computer. 

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2 responses to “Changing to A New Computer – Erasing Files

  1. A little more on “Secure Erase:” (down-loadable .doc and program). You’ll note that Secure Erase is actually built into ATA controller. According to Scott Moulton of using software that initiates Secure Erase is the best option because it also over-writes bad sectors as well. As someone well versed in computer forensics he has successfully recovered data from sectors marked as “bad.”
    -Be safe out there!

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