Update: Netbook or Laptop: Which Should You Choose?

Laptop ComputerThis is an update to one of my previous posts Netbook or Laptop: Which Should You Choose?  Well…actually it’s a confession of sorts.  I’m coming clean about leaving my netbook in the dust, so to speak, and moving to a laptop.  I just can’t deal with that small keyboard any longer.  I’m a pretty good typist normally, but with the netbook I was constantly hitting wrong keys because of the small size of the keyboard which caused me to hold my hands in an unnatural position…no, nothing kinky, mind you.

I will say that I did mention in the previous post that the size of the keyboard was a problem for me and to try it out before buying.  But I still feel a little guilty that I wasn’t stronger on that point.

What size laptop did I get?  A 17 inch screen machine with a keyboard so large that in addition to a standard size keyboard; it’s got a numeric keypad!  Yes, it’s heavier and it takes up my whole lap, but my hands are much more comfortable…and I’m much more happy.

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Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable.

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8 responses to “Update: Netbook or Laptop: Which Should You Choose?

  1. Phoenix makes a wonderful point. Of all the “product lines” in my life, the one I’m most loyal to (“addicted” even!) is the Thinkpads, and it’s all because of the keyboard! The whole thing is quality, but it’s the “Trackpoint” — the “stupid” red rubber “eraser” joystick in the middle of the keyboard — that I can’t imagine living without. And I’m not alone. (I probably would have tried a $300 netbook by now, if the cheap ones came with an IBM/Lenovo keyboard!)

    When I first heard about the Trackpoint, I thought it was the dumbest thing ever! Why would I give up a mouse (whose motion accurately “maps” directly onto the cursor’s motion) for a glorified little joystick (whose motion only tells the cursor where to head, not exactly where to go)?? But it is so handy to keep my fingers on the home keys, the Trackpoint is such a QUALITY little joystick, and it’s so easy (for me, anyway) to get used to the whole setup, that I now can’t imagine being forced to use a keyboard that doesn’t have one.

    I live at my laptop, but I’m surprised that desktop users haven’t made it easier (and cheaper) to find a good desktop keyboard with a trackpoint built in.

    • normofthenorth,
      Great comment! Thanks for sharing the benefits of the Trackpoint…and your fondness of it. I’ve not used a Thinkpad in many years and then not for very long, so I haven’t had the experience you share. That is probably my loss. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Phoenix

    Keyboard issues aren’t just a problem on netbooks. Having had a few laptops over the years I’ve had to adjust to proprietary keyboard layouts repeatedly. I think this is one major reason why people stay ‘loyal’ to a particular manufacturer – once they’re use to a particular layout anything else feels unnatural and takes time to get back to speed on, so they’re less likely to be wowed by a different manufacturer. This likely means there’ll never be a standard layout for laptops, but I’ll always wish that there was.

    And don’t even get me started on the PC keyboard makers that insist on making keyboards with half-size backspace keys, or the insert/delete/home, etc. keys moved around.

    • Phoenix,
      Your comment is right on the mark. Keyboard layouts aren’t the same and it does make a difference. Thanks for pointing that out. And thanks for stopping by.

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  4. Paul,

    What laptop did you settle for?

    To make use of that netbook: I agree, keyboard (and screen) is small for us aging folks… I too have a netbook and what I do is remote into it wirelessly from my main PC. Works great.


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