How-To Corner: Use A Photograph As Your Desktop Wallpaper

Bald Eagle Photo

Courtesy NBG

Have you been wanting to make your computer’s desktop more interesting? How about a cool photograph, either one of your own or one from a free Internet site as your wallpaper (background)? There’s nothing like a great photograph to make an otherwise boring Windows desktop come alive. Some people use family photos so that they can enjoy the personal aspects they add. Others use a graphic or photo that represents some aspect of their lives as their wallpaper. 

First you’ll need to have a photo to use as your desktop wallpaper. If you have one of your own already stored on your computer, that’s great. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to use. If you need some really professional, free photographs; I suggest Microsoft’s Office Photo Gallery as a good place to start. That’s where I get the photos for my blog. Just follow the instructions to display the photographs, choose the ones you like, and download them to your computer to use as your wallpaper. 

Making a photograph your wallpaper is not difficult and there is a great how-to article on this website. It covers the steps of the process, complete with screen shots and excellent instructions. You don’t need to be a computer expert to change your desktop wallpaper. It really is easy if you follow the few steps. In fact, if you have a photograph on your computer, you can right-click it with your mouse and choose “Set As Desktop Background”…it’s that easy. 

So take your boring desktop to the next level with a cool photograph that will improve your computing experience and will wow your family and friends.

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