Are Your Emails Really Real?

eMail ID

Identify Your Emails as Safe Easily

Like everything in life, evolution is inevitable.  So we can hardly be suprised that our email problems have evolved too.

The figures surrounding the international daily distribution of unsolicited emails (a.k.a. spam) is astounding…however, I won’t quote it because next week the figure will be wrong because of evolution.

So, in which way have our email problems evolved? – well, spam became trojans, trojans became botnets…and then came phishing to annoyingly revitalise the whole process.

This means that in most peoples inboxes, mixed in with all the junk emails are your legitimate ones…but finding and trusting them as opposed to not getting caught out is our problem.

Enter Iconix…another feather in the cap of ’email protection’

Iconix eMail ID, is a small download that plugs-in to your email client like Outlook or to your online email system, such Gmail.

There are two different downloads dependent on the above, so read the information carefully on the Iconix website…it’s really straight forward though.

With Iconix installed and configured, (which on a scale of 1 to 10 for simplicity gets a 7)…it then frequently and pro-actively checks all your emails and clearly displays if the sender of each email is a legitimate source.  Their database is huge and can be trusted.

Take a look on the Iconix website for examples of how effective Iconix eMail ID can be at identifying emails that could otherwise cause you real pain.

Scammers that create such fake emails and websites do it well, so having Iconix sitting there making sure we don’t fall victim to some of these well crafted scams is a real benefit.

Visit today and download their eMail ID solution, free of charge.

Finally, do head on over to because you can now download for FREE my first online publication, “The Beginners  Guide to Avoiding Fraud on the Web“.

This short book talks through each modern day Internet scam that really we should all know…this is essential reading.  So, Paul and I are giving it to you, for free …so enjoy.

Also, feel absolutely free to share both the secrets of Iconix eMail ID and The Beginners Guide to Avoiding Fraud on the Web with your friends, family and co-workers.

Till next time!


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