The BIG Lockup

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 Here’s another article from our guest writer, Gavin Whittaker who’s a renowned ‘technologist’ and successful author of IT publications and articles. His next book from the ‘Do I.T. Yourself’ range, ‘A Beginners Guide to a Faster & More Secure PC’ is due out May 2010.

Gavin specializes in PC performance, security and social media networking,

You’ll find lots of great PC performance and security tips at Gavin’s blog – and even some articles from me, Paul Lubic, a featured guest writer too.

The BIG Lockup

There’s a security feature available in all versions of Windows that just isn’t promoted enough…locking your PC .

 It’s not obvious enough to the average Windows user and so it’s all too easy to not take advantage of this fantastic security feature.

In short, locking your computer when you walk away is the best way to prevent passers-by accessing your PC, your files, your web connection or any open applications and data you may be logged into.

Set it and forget it…

The screensaver feature in Windows can automatically lock the screen for you.  All you have to do is specify the delay before it occurs.

To activate this excellent feature, open the Control Panel and:

XP: select Display and then the Screen Saver tab

Vista: select Personalization and then Screen Saver

Win 7: select Personalization and then the Screen Saver icon in the bottom right hand corner of the new window

Most of the Microsoft provided screensavers support this automatic locking feature. Do be very wary however of 3rd party screensavers available off the Internet.  Some do not have these locking features and worse still, some are provided by online criminals to transparently trick victims and install Trojans and other malware on to your PC.

Regardless, with a safe screensaver and the timer set you can walk away from your PC knowing that within just a few moments your PC will automatically be locked.  Only your Windows login password will open it.

Finally, be even more pro-active, get into the habit of locking your PC manually whenever you walk away…simply press your Windows logo key and ’ L’ together.

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