Shift Happens: A Top Level Look at Social Media Networking

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I’m pleased to announce Gavin Whittaker of is now a guest writer here on Pauls Home Computing Blog.

Gavin Whittaker is a renowned ‘technologist’ and successful author of IT publications and articles. His next book from the ‘Do I.T. Yourself’ range, ‘A Beginners Guide to a Faster & More Secure PC’ is due out May 2010.

Gavin specialises in PC performance, security and social media networking,

You’ll find lots of great PC performance and security tips at Gavin’s blog – and even some articles from me, Paul Lubic, a featured guest writer too.

Gavin’s first blog is a multimedia supported article taking a top level look at Social Media Networking….enjoy.

Shift Happens

Do you recall the term ‘Baby Boomers’? – as in the post 1940’s birth rate climb…well if you aren’t aware how that affected the world, it was monumental…we as a race progressed because of it – our kids, our communication and the business world all evolved.

It’s happening again but this time it involves technology and how the next generation, ‘Generation Y’ have proven we are now without question a 21st century international community.

Web 2.0 – sounds quite odd really don’t you think? – does that mean there’s a new version of ‘T’Internet’? – in a word, YES.

Put aside that Facebook have over 30,000 servers (and growing) and that Twitter celebrated its 10 billionth tweet recently; Has all the technology that makes the Internet work changed?….

Well kind of, not as in one day lots of old and slow PC’s were turned off and a whole new warehouse full of servers were turned on…that’s not what Web 2.0 is about…it’s actually about YOU….you, us…we’re the ‘shift’ that happened.

Watch and enjoy this video….

Fascinating hey?

So – your life, your passions, your career, your business, what you did at the weekend, hell – even your daydreams are on the web!  And, with all of these thoughts there are photos, videos, links to other sites and music….even games are online now so whilst you hack away at the dragon from Mordor, you chat to your friend about your favourite TV show.

So, where does Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Twitter and the like all fit in? – consider them places to go and socialise, each with their own approach.  Who you’re socialising with and where, it just doesn’t matter anymore as we are a connected world.

Here’s another awesome video –

If you want to network you and your business, try LinkedIn.

If you truly want to immerse yourself on what the International community has to say, read peoples Tweets.

And…if you want fun with your friends from the comfort of your armchair…Facebook is a great option.

And as we close this blog, just make sure your PC is secure because Web 2.0 is a playground for cyber-criminals too.

Play safe and follow both mine and Paul’s blog for great tips on how to keep your personal information and your PC running just great!

Till next time

The Speed Demon


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