Got Security? Is Your Computer As Secure As It Can Be? Part II

WWW placed on a globe with red and purple background

Courtesy MS Clip Art

In my last post I discussed why you should secure your computer and some tips on how.  This post will give you more information on the whats and hows of protecting your family, yourself and your computer as you use the Internet.  Microsoft has a great page on their site that covers these topics very well and I’d like you to visit it and bookmark it for future reference.  It’s located at .  It does an excellent job of covering family-related issues such as parental controls, cyberbullying, and social networking.  On the issue of protecting yourself, it covers strong passwords, handling suspicious emails, safely downloading files, and using anti-phishing technology.  It also covers security updates, products and technologies to protect your computer, and the 4 steps to computer security.  All this and there are tools and how-tos for each area.  Have you clicked on the link yet?  What are you waiting for?  This is important stuff, I hope you’ll take the time to read through the material, check out the glossary of terms, and then take action to put the techniques into practice.  Let me know how you do.

Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable.

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