Obtaining Free Images for Your Computer

Gold optic fiber bunch

Courtesy MS Clip Art

Here’s a great way to obtain free photographs, clip art, and other graphics for your use. This works for Windows XP or Vista users. Go to Microsoft Office Online at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/default.aspx and choose the Clip Art tab at the top. On the next page you can use the search tool near the top left of the page to search for items or in the lower center of the page you can choose categories of images to browse.

The next step is to choose images you’d like to download by clicking the image check-box (you can also “un-choose” the image by clicking on the check-box a second time). When you’ve chosen all the images you want to download, you can use the left column Selection Basket to review the items you’ve chosen, delete any you don’t want, and download your images. Follow the instructions on the download screen and the images you’ve chosen will be placed in your My Pictures\Microsoft Clip Organizer folder where they can be browsed and chosen for use.

Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable.

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