Netbook or Laptop: Which Should You Choose?


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So you want to be more mobile in your home computing but are having some trouble deciding between a traditional full sized laptop and a netbook or mini-laptop.  Well, it just happens that I have had a netbook for almost a year and can share what my experience has been.

First the pros and cons of the netbook: under the pros heading; I love the small size and light weight of it for carrying it around.  I just throw it in my briefcase or suitcase for travel or just carry it around like I would a book.  I also like the price, though the smaller (15 inch or so) laptops are starting to rival the netbook prices.  I chose Windows XP (a trademark of Microsoft Corp.) as my OS rather than Linux, so there’s not much change from my Windows desktop in that respect.  I love the netbook’s display; it’s very sharp and crisp and I really don’t mind the small size.  In fact, I’m writing this post from it right now, sitting in my den.  Still addressing the pros; it has a built-in wireless card, three USB ports, and the usual input/output receptacles you’d expect.  Lastly, the speed is not blinding, but is suprisingly quick for a device of this size and price.

Now for the cons: I wish I’d paid a little more for a longer-lasting battery, but that’s my fault.  I also wish the keyboard was a little larger.  I’ve got large hands and it’s a little uncomfortable to use.  I’ve gotten use to holding my hands closer together on the keyboard, but I still fumble-finger keys more than on a full-size keyboard.  That being said, I love to use it and do almost every day.  The last item that I consider a con is that the netbook has no optical image drive for watching videos or transferring data.  However, even this item can be overcome with a little planning and a large capacity thumb drive.

Overall, I’m pleased with my little buddy and enjoy it’s portability very much.  I recommend that you go to your local computer store and do a little typing on the netbook of your choice, or several of them to see if the keyboard size is a problem for you.  If not, go for it and get a little buddy of your own to keep you company in your den.

Remember, home computing is a blast…keep it productive and enjoyable.

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